Sunday, 11 March 2007

Myspace annoys me... I'm putting my blogs up here now.

Firstly, it's....

..T H E W O B B L Y F A C E C H A M P I O N S H I P S ! ! ! !

Some very valiant efforts, but I feel there are two clear winners...

Anyway - as all good sporting events know, pre-match entertainment is essential.
Bring on the cheerleaders...!

It's the taking part that counts, although Lorna and Adam get off to disappointing starts.

Dan gets the ball rolling with a good solid wobble.

...While Pete considers vomiting...

A good tandem effort from Alex and Laura. Eyes closed in concentration as the competition gets serious.

Yours truly raises the bar with a strong wobble.

Will does well, but is let down by Luciano - who abandons the wobbly face and decides to 'just look a bit angry and confused'.

Another good tandem...

But out of nowhere, with a wobble to beat all wobbles, Chris Wake deals a killer blow to the competition. Top-drawer wobbling.

And a very deserving runner-up, Alex Brown with a good demonstration of the "I've just been punched in the face" technique.

You'll all have to raise your game for next time. Although If Chris did any better I think his face would actually come off...

I'm back in Liverpool in a couple of weeks, on the 22nd - so make sure you're all around for some hardcore catching-up-partying action!